It’s time to take advantage of the Waze advertising platform, it’s a great option for anyone close to you and traveling close to the business.

We’ll put you on the map!

Waze advertising includes:

Extended Business Card:

A business card that includes: contact information, logo, slogan/offer, opening hours, website link, business navigation and more.

Map pin:

The pin will appear to drivers traveling in your business area and stop at a traffic light or on the way.

Search result:

Appear when searching the business name while navigating the app.

Banner Jumps (Take Over):

Banner popup – Takeover ads with the navigation option


Our advertising options in the Waze app:

* Basic Campaign – Establishment and Campaign Management – $ 250 / month (including payment to Waze).

* Premium Campaign – Establishment and management of the campaign including takeover ads – $ 750 per month (including payment to Waze).