Need new customers? You must have a GOOGLE ADWORDS campaign!

What do I suggest?

I will set up (or make changes to your existing campaign) a custom Google Adwords campaign for your business needs and also get full hands-on training on how the campaign works.

Plus, a special benefit for each customer – Google $100 coupon as a credit to the account after utilizing the first $ 300 (only possible in a new advertising campaign).

Campaign management includes:

* Word research – Finding the right keywords for your campaign, by search volume, target audience, and company services.
* Campaign Building – Opening a client’s advertising account, drafting and writing ads, creating ad groups, bidding per word, providing customer management privileges.
* Maintenance – ongoing campaign optimization, report and invoice issuance, etc.
* Implementing scripts – conversion code: helps understand and optimize the campaign, remarketing code – for tracking campaign surfers.
* Service and Support – by Email.

Option 1: (self-managed by you) $699 one time setup

Option 2: (I will manage your campaign): $199/month + $699 one time setup

The price does not include Google’s advertising budget, which is paid separately with the customer’s credit card.

The price does not include Landing Page.

Leave details on the form at the bottom of the page.