The idea behind the wording ‘marketing and branding’ is to try to reach as many relevant users who will expose your product or service and become customers, in as many useful ways.

The intention is not to flood the internet with unnecessary advertising materials, but the opposite – to find the most appropriate places, prepare the appropriate marketing materials for each target audience and contact them.

Marketing Platforms:

Website Marketing Content

Writing and Publishing An article or business article from a business that will include a link to the site can be in the form of a publicity ad (for example, “Medix has received approval from the Ministry of Health for its X-ray devices”) or upload an opinion-style article (for example: “Are you for or against a financial agreement” written by a lawyer specializing in the field).

Increase website traffic with Tabula / Outbrain

Writing an article on the client site or another site, and driving traffic to it through the Tabula / Outbrain Click Campaign (their campaigns are only shown on the largest sites in the country). To learn more about Tabula and Outbrain advertising, click here.

Banner Campaign

Use banners with the relevant marketing message, on different websites by segmentation of interests, keywords, and regions.

We specialize in finding and segmenting customer-relevant marketing platforms and adapting them to the client’s advertising budget.