My name is Elichai Rubin,

I am in the internet field since 2006, and, I have been engaged in internet marketing and website promotion since 2008.

My professional experience includes:

  • – Over 10 years of self-employment with businesses, factories, associations, small and large businesses in various fields.
  • – 3 years’ experience as an SEO and social media project manager at Elektro SEO Company in Israel.
  • – Establishment and promotion of hundreds of sites in Israel and abroad.
  • – Teaching the field of promotion and site building at leading colleges.

At my leisure:

  • Volunteer as an EMT in United Hatzala.
  • Reserve – once a year.

What else?

I’m not in front of a computer (mostly on Saturdays and when I sleep), I like to read books, watch TV & play with my daughter 🙂

For any questions, claims, requests or comments, I am always happy to respond – please contact me below.

– Elichai